Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are regularly asked. For all further queries, please contact us so we can provide you with additional details.

Q: What is the rate for your services in the pairs that you provide? Is it per page, hour, word or project?

A: Whether for translation, revision, proofreading or editing, our rate is per word. The rates that we charge vary according to the nature and size of your project. Please contact us so we can provide you with a free quote.

Q: Since receiving your quote, I’ve seen several companies and translators charging less. Why should I opt for your services instead of theirs?

A: Several variables must be taken into account when you opt for generic services, which is usually what you obtain when you trust your projects to companies/translators that lack the proper credentials and set of skills and that offer you rates that are “too good to be true”:

– Maybe the providers are good, maybe they’re bad;

– Maybe they’ll respect your deadline, maybe they won’t;

– Maybe they’ll deliver a good job, maybe they won’t.

At Natives in Business we can’t afford to be “maybe” good enough, nor can we afford to “maybe” respect your deadlines or even “maybe” deliver you a professional job. In fact, the word “maybe” simply doesn’t form part of our vocabulary:

- A provider is good or bad;

– The deadline can be respected or it cannot;

– A job is professional or it is not.

There are no ifs and buts. No grey areas. We do not – and cannot – compare our rates or professionalism to those of other companies and translators, as we know who we are and the services and quality that we offer, but don’t know them or the services or quality that they provide. Instead of idle comparisons, we focus on the quality and the expertise that we always commit to deliver. We work with clients that refuse to deliver their jobs to other companies/translators precisely because they know the type of results they’ll get from us – nothing short of perfect.

Q: But could your clients obtain good results if they’d trust their projects to others?

A: “Maybe“. “Maybe” not.

Q: How do you know that a translator that charges less than you won’t deliver results with the same quality as yours?

A: Instead of speculating if a cheaper translator can or cannot deliver quality work, we invest our time and expertise making sure that WE CAN. Many “professional translators” don’t know what an Oxford comma is, nor a grammeme for that matter, let alone what volition or semiotics are and how and when they should be used and in what fields. Others lack basic skills and know-how and translate documents as if they’re merely copying a text from a foreign language into their own (or, even worse, into some language other than their own). Many others fail to provide accurate translations due to lack of knowledge regarding specific fields, perhaps because they’re not familiar with the context or haven’t had professional training or (often) both. It’s not unusual to see people struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month and, when desperation sets in, they’ll turn to anything, including being “professional translators” just because they know how to speak their native language and think that translating merely means putting words from one language into another, regardless of structure, metrics, etc. Are their services cheaper? Certainly. The same quality? Hardly.

Q: Why don’t you translate into any other languages than English to Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese and vice versa? And why don’t you accept all sorts of text types? Aren’t you a translation agency?

A: No, we’re not a translation agency. We are a small but productive translation studio run by one professional who occasionally collaborates with other expert professionals. The basic difference between us and agencies is that agencies are constantly on the lookout for professionals like us, while professionals like us are the ones that deliver results. Like some translation agencies and other “professionals”, we could tell you that “we translate accurately into 200 or more languages” – but that would be false. We could also tell you that “we specialize in every major field, etc.” – but that too would be untrue. We focus on our mother tongue and English in specific fields, because this way we’re certain that we can deliver flawless content. Nonetheless, it may happen on rare occasions that we translate jobs from languages and fields other than our specialisms if we are sure that we can excel at them – law, architecture, engineering and steelworks are some of the examples of past challenges, successfully overcome. Please check our portfolio, where you’ll find translations into our languages and fields as well as examples belonging to other languages and disciplines.

Q: Is it possible to test your skills before I choose your services to see if we’re on the same page?

A: Certainly. We will be happy to translate, revise, proofread or edit up to 300 words of any given text of your choosing after assessing the whole project. Free of charge.

Q: How long will it take for you to deliver my project?

A: That will depend on your project’s scope and nature. We always need to assess your documents in order to provide you a definitive answer.

Q: Do you certify translations?

A: We do. As you know, there are several procedures that must be considered when it comes to certification, so please contact us for further clarification on this matter.

Q: What CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools do you use?

A: We use Trados. We have our own proprietary terminology databases that we use for several fields and projects. Aside from Trados, our translation tools are experience and our mastery of the language pairs and fields in which we specialise.

Q: Given that you are a modest studio, do you accept large or very large projects?

A: We certainly do. The only thing modest about our studio is the rates that we apply.

Q: The documents that I need you to work on contain sensitive information. What are your policies regarding data disclosure?

A: We comply with all legal regulations, national and foreign, not to mention that we maintain the utmost loyalty and discretion. We have our proprietary NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) at your disposition, or we can use yours if you prefer.

Q: Can I pay using my credit card, debit card or cheque?

A: We offer the following three payment methods:

- Bank transfer

- PayPal (and in that case you can pay using your credit card, debit card or PayPal funds)

- Western Union

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